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Beautique Beauty Studio

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Make your eyes appear wider, brighter and vibrant with our luxurious lash treatments.

If it’s falsies you want,  we’re the experts in Semi-Permanent Mink Lashes which give an effortlessly glamorous boost to your every day look for up to 8 weeks. 

If you prefer to enhance your natural lashes, we have the YUMI Lash Lift. Instead of a traditional perm that simply curls your lashes, YUMI Lash Lift turns the eyelashes upward, giving them length, height & volume. Unlike a traditional lash perm, YUMI Lash Lift nourishes your lashes with Keratin, leaving your lashes feeling healthier than ever.

Lash Services

  • Lash Tint €17
  • Express Mink Lashes €30

    Express lashes are a temporary lash treatment that gives the lashes a natural full effect. They are not individually bonded, so it is important that they are only a short term set to avoid natural lash damage.

  • Strip Lashes & Application €12

    One-time wear. Strip lashes for a special occasion.

  • Individual Lashes €15

    One-time wear. Individual lashes applied with powerful Duo Lash Glue. Perfect for a special occasion, as an alternative to strip lashes.

  • YUMI Lash Lift €60

    Lash perm which conditions while it curls.

  • Semi Permanent Lash Extensions €80

    Classic Semi-Permanent lashes are one lash extension applied to each natural lash. Classic lashes are suitable for clients who have a good amount of healthy natural lashes & wish to create a natural/medium volume to their lashes.

  • Semi Permanent Lash Refills €50