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Beautique Beauty Studio

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At Beautique we appreciate the importance of great brows. A great brow can transform your face. They frame your face, add definition and make your eyes appear wider, brighter and lifted.

We provide a large range of brows services including threading, waxing, tinting and semi-permanent Phi Brows. If you’re a person always striving for the perfect brow – then Beautique is your secret weapon!

For waxing we only use Waxperts peel-off wax because it is the most gentle wax available. It delivers incredible results without damaging the delicate skin around your eye area.

These before and after photos are just a glimpse of the magic. Whether your brows are sparse from years of plucking, or strong and difficult to tame, we can help!

Brow Services

Phi Brows

Phi Brows is a Micro-Blading Technique that lasts 12-18 Months. Hyper Realistic Strokes are created using the world’s slimmest microblade. Custom blended natural pigments create the perfect colour match, creating the perfect brow. We offer a complimentary consultation by appointment.

  • Consultation FREE
  • First Session €480

    Semi-permanent brow enhancement. Perfect for those who have over-plucked their brows and struggle to grow natural hairs. Fills in sparse areas, creates symmetrical and flattering shape and lasts from 6-12 months depending on skin type and lifestyle.

  • First Session Top Up €0
  • Top Up €180