One Minute Teeth Whitening Kit

iWhite Express is a revolutionary, dental safe teeth whitening device with immediate results. The ultra-thin sponge structure has a great absorption capacity and easily removes stubborn stains and dental plaque in hard-to-reach tooth surface areas.

The efficacy of the iWhite Express is based on two elements; the stain eraser sponge and the teeth whitening serum. The stain eraser sponge has to be activated with a few drops of the iWhite Express teeth whitening serum which contains natural whitening enzymes, enamel strengthening actives and cooling agents for a fresh-breath sensation. The combination of the stain eraser sponge and whitening serum:

  • Erases stains in hard-to-reach surface areas
  • Removes stubborn teeth stains and plaque. On average 88% stains are removed within 1 minute/60 seconds
  • Powerful teeth whitening serum: activates, whitens, strengthens & freshens


One Minute Teeth Whitening Kit

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